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April 29, 2009



[URL=http://www.car-crash.us/]Car accident[/URL] and drunk drivers are the most pressing problems of our everyday life.
According to the World Health Organization, each year 1.2 million people die and nearly 50 million of people are injured or became disabled in car accidents. The cost of road traffic injuries for each country is almost 518 billion dollars per year, which is from one to two percent of their average Gross National Product. By 2020, the car accident will be the tenth leading cause of death in the world.
To solve the problem and reduce death rate of car accidents on the roads, according to World Health Organization, it is necessary to resolve the five major tasks: riding a motorcycle without a helmet, problem of road infrastructure, problem of speeding, problem of alcohol consumptions and the usage of safety belts.
In the whole Europe the death rates during car accidents has steadily decreased: in 1991 – 162 deaths per 1 million citizens, in 2004 – 95; in 2007 – 77. In 2007, the most dangerous roads in Europe were in Lithuania, where out of every million people in the car accident died 223 people, and in Latvia – 177. But still some other new EU members remain problematical, such as Estonia and Poland where the number of car accidents continue increasing.
The main reasons of car accidents are: the tendency of modern European drivers to constantly increase the speed of driving, neglecting the rules of safety belts usage and security facilities for children (child seats). In most of the Eastern European countries that undergo rapid motorization, road infrastructure development, the progress of security services cannot withstand the increased load.
The experience of countries with developed motorization, such as Canada, France, Finland and the United States, proves that to reduce car accidents and avoid the enormous social and economic losses the next steps should be followed:
[URL=http://www.car-crash.us/]Car accident[/URL]
• a flexible and adequate legislative framework for the organization of traffic;
• road infrastructure: to settle pedestrian crossings, repairing roads, provide the necessary number of parking spaces;
• pay special attention to promotion of traffic safety and clearly show the consequences of traffic violations to people.
The main focus of foreign legislation system, to avoid car accidents on the road and provide its safety is the violators’ liability.

steven andresen

I am not alone in my argument that torture is a philosophical issue justified by the consideration of what works. Here,

"...The torture issue now has largely been turned into one of whether it “works.” The question of law was dealt with by the Bush administration by saying that existing law is outmoded and yields to presidential prerogatives and national security interests. The argument cited against torture is that the damage it did to America’s reputation, and the aid and comfort it gave the enemy, outweighed its claimed advantages.

You can say that the Bush-Cheney position reflects the situation in much contemporary philosophy, which has renounced classical, religious and other appeals to natural law or “eternal” or innate principles, in its attempt to establish a modern theory of justice.

Bush-Cheney-CIA empiricism asserts that torture “works.” The Bush opponent, who shares this philosophical position, must claim that torture doesn’t work, or that the costs are too high.

I am reminded of a cruel joke. A man asks a woman seated next to him at a dinner if she would sleep with him for a million dollars.

With whatever hesitation or flirtatiousness, she ends saying yes she would. He then asks if she would do so for five dollars. She angrily asks if he thinks she is a prostitute. He replies, “We have established what you are; we are now dickering over the price.”..."


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