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September 30, 2009


steven andresen


I'm confused about what you're saying. You said, here,

"...And it is the left that empowers big business as the senior partner in that patronage coalition...."

Do you have any data to support this claim. After all, the left would mostly claim that it is defined in terms of its opposition to 'big business' and it's control of government.

It is, according to the left, the influence of 'big business' on regulatory institutions which allowed the financial crisis to occur, as through control fraud, as discussed by Prof. William Black.

I suspect you are looking at President Obama and his administration and see some kind of leftish leaning administration. This would be a misperception as rthe Obama administration is no different from it's Republican predecessors in their corrupt dependence on 'big business' for campaign contributions.

Don't you find it curious that the Bushes, the McCains, the Clintons, and the Obamas are so well funded by all the same 'big business' interests? Or do you think that Bush was clean of that kind of influence?

Of course, if there were a civil war, there would be many who would blame right wing nazis and their klan fellow travellers.

Do you think that big business should be free to steal from you as much as they would like without any interference from government regulators. Or, do you think that it is only the interference of government regulators which makes big business steal from everyone else?


Joe Buddha

Not only was the Civil War foreseen in the 19th century, starting with John Calhoun and his talk of South Carolina seceding, but in the 18th as well by George Washington himself. However, the left would be strictly responsible for this one, given how entrenched and vile they are, and how badly they desire to destroy America. And it is the left that empowers big business as the senior partner in that patronage coalition. The more the state has power over the market, only big business is left to use it's own influence on it's own behalf. The regulatory state is the big boss.

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steven andresen


From the left's point of view, it is the right that enables the corporations thievery from the public's pocket. Case number one, the theft of those trillions given this last year to the investment banks. Case number two, it was the right that dismantled the laws seperating investment from commercial banks, which lead to the financial meltdown we are now suffering from. It has been the right that supports the huge entitlement programs known as the defense department and our health care system owned and operated by the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Why then shgould the left give in to the rights' demand that we put even more of our lives under the control of the countries blood suckers?

...a hem...I say this in defense of the left. But, I am more concerned to challenge your assumption that the conflict here is between left and right.

I am sure the rich and corporations have more to do with the sorry state of our country than the left, or the right. And yet, you spent a lot of effort talking about how the country should go further to the right than we have hitherto.

It's my observation that when the right puts some champion in some position of power they make the deficit balloon bigger, cause some new illegal wars, and break the bank in spending for their nonsense military programs. Can't you acknowledge that the guys you put in power work for the powerful instead of the people the right says it wants to help?

This is what seemingly happens when the Democrats try to do the same. Instead of helping the people, its the Party's donors that get the attantion.

I don't think the left's days a re numbered at all. Without the left, the right would have to make leftists all over again.


Lemme take a stab at this. I have read your posts. Facts are facts...and if right makes might then a coup should work out in favor of restoring Constitutional Law to our Nation. What we need is a great shift to the right...where all the whining liberals will be shut up for the next 100 years. Conservatives are sick of liberals everywhere in this Nation spending other peoples money...mostly conservatives money. Since the founding of our Nation we have been on one big slide to the left...leaving behind our liberties and freedoms in the duct of all those warnings our Founding Fathers told us would happen. well it has happened...and hopefully we conservatives will administer the remedy that our Founding Fathers alos told us about...which is to "Cleanse the Tree of Liberty with the blood of Patriots and the Tyrants." SO this IS what needs to be done. The left are thought of as being "cheaters" by the right because the left so often distorts any issue with some claim of doing good things for the people - the left are the "do-gooders". Who benefits - the left. Who are the heros in the eyes of the left wing welfare base - the left. Who votes in blocks where they never vote for anyone except the left - the left. Look we were told about the left a long time ago. The only thing left to do is take it right...with force if need be. Thats how our "radical" FFs risked it all for us. NOw..it is OUR turn to make it right again. I do believe the militray will be on the right...as well as most of the guns. Thank God for our Founding Fathers and thanks to God for giving us our unalienable rights. For the left...your days are numbered.

steven andresen


thanks for the response. But, two things,

1) Where you thought you heard some discussion about how the left would be able to marshall the power of the American military to suppress and subjugate the American population, I was actually talking about the right-wing delusion that there was such a conspiuracy and that as part of that conspiracy the military would play such a role. So, no, you didn't hear about whatever the military would do for the left.

2) Your response actually goes to prove my point that there are large numbers of people in this country and in the military who think about violent action against the left because the left is a "clan," or otherwise is some kind of threat to the country.

Don't you think the fact that 90% of the military have some political beliefs that pit them against some other part of the country concerning? They all have guns?


Did I just read that the population would be no match for the military that the left could bring against it? Someone must be drunk. The military would never support a left-wing administration that borders on communism, (self admitted communism at that) I have served for 22 yrs with a few to go. We talk about this regularly amongst ourselves, We swore an oath to the constitution and the American people, not Obama. We would never fire against our own. Infact many thousands of us would actively help the people against the Obama clan. Same for the police. Remember that the uniform services are about 90% conservative constitutionalists and we have all the guns.

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